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gbacg's Journal

Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild
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San Francisco Bay Area costumers guild
Founded in 1990, the Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild (GBACG) is an educational and social group, promoting all aspects of costume and textile arts: historical, science fiction, vintage, fantasy, and other genres. We offer yearly memberships in our group that entitles members to discounts on many of our events and workshops. We welcome all levels of experience, especially the non-sewer or novice!

The Guild organizes a number of activities year round, in and around the San Francisco Bay Area, all of which are open to members and the general public. In addition, we participate in events with other organizations such as the Art Deco Society of California, the Bay Area English Regency Society, the DeYoung Museum of Fine Arts, and the San Francisco Victorian Alliance.

The best ways to get current information on GBACG and community costume activities is through:
- Our website: http://gbacg.org/
- GBACG Costumers Yahoo group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GBACGCostumers/

Please note that this community replaces the now defunct gbacg_costume community!