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GBACG Open House - Fashion Show Models Needed!

Have you made a costume for a GBACG event that you'd like to show off? This year, the GBACG Open House fashion show will feature our members wearing their creations made for GBACG events!

We're looking for all eras, men or women, children or adults, groups are fine (in fact, we may group you with other models). It can be a costume you made specifically for a GBACG event, or a costume that you made for something else but also wore to a GBACG event.

The costume must have been made by a GBACG member, and while of course it can include purchased items, we're looking for costumes that have been made rather than completely-vintage/purchased outfits. The model must also be a GBACG member, although they don't have to be the maker of the costume!

If you are interested in participating, please email with the following information::
- Name
- Name of the person who made the costume, if not yourself
- Name of the person who will model the costume, if not yourself
- Ages of all these people (adult/child)
- If you'd like to be in a group with other people (say, a family group, or 3 of you made dresses for the same event and want to be together),
let us know (note: we may need to regroup you)
- Which GBACG event did you make the costume for (or wear it to)?
- Briefly describe the costume (we'll get more info from you later)
- Photograph of you or your model wearing the costume (attach to the email)

Please note, due to time restrictions we may not be able to include everyone who volunteers.

Let's show off what GBACG members can do!

For more information about the GBACG Open House, see our website.
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Do Dickens costumes count, since there is a GBACG Dickens run every year?
Oh, uh, well, in that case I suppose I could wear Belle's dress.

I guess that means I should launder it. Tee hee.
That would be fabulous! I am putting you down.
This is what happens when I ask questions. I get shanghai'd.

I'll see you there. Uh, if I haven't RSVP'd yet (I think I have?) you might want to make sure that's set too.
Nope, you've got to RSVP yourself! I've got too much to do. :)
Shoot. The only thing I'd want to wear was an ensemble entirely made by a *different* GBACG member. Sewing time has been at a premium for me of late. :\
That's fine, as long as it was made by a GBACG member and is modeled by a GBACG member - they don't have to be the same person!