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Switching to moderated

Due to the latest spammers, I've switched this community to moderated status.  This means I'll have to approve each post, so there may be a delay in posting.  Hopefully this won't be too much of an issue, as we don't get much traffic!  The upside -- no more spam.

I know I've just done this unilaterally, so please let me know if you have an objection.  If people would rather put up with spammers, I'm happy to switch it back to unmoderated.  I do go in and delete spam, but it may take me a few hours or a day to notice it!
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Costume-Con 28 Video Masquerade Film Festival


Thanks to a sudden revival of interest, we are working to have a Video Masquerade at Costume-Con 28 (Milwaukee, May 7-9, 2010) after all. Because we are working in such a compressed time frame, we’ve decided to simplify things a bit and run it as a short costume film festival.

What we are looking for

  1. Short films/videos featuring you or your friends in costumes! (This is, after all, a Video Masquerade). Costumes of any genre are appropriate, including costumed puppets and dolls.
  2. Submissions must be appropriate for a mixed (mostly adult, but some youngsters) audience. As with Costume-Con stage masquerades, aim for the equivalent of a PG-13 rating.
  3. Submissions should be short, typically no longer than 6 minutes.
    We will happily consider longer videos, but please, no epic feature-length films.
  4. All videos will be reviewed for qualification before inclusion in the Video Masquerade. (Submission of a video does not guarantee inclusion)

Who May Enter

  1. Anyone may submit videos to be considered for inclusion in the Video Masquerade Film Festival. Membership in Costume-Con 28 is not required. (In the event your video wins an award, however, you would need a membership to accept said award in person at CC28).

How to enter

  1. Notify us of your intention to enter (email  and upload the online version NO LATER than April 15, 2010,
  2. All accepted submissions will be screened for the judging panel, if any, and all attendees of Costume-Con 28. By submitting your video for inclusion, you are granting us the right to multiple such screenings without expectation of remuneration or other consideration.
  3. All videos must be submitted digitally.
    1. By April 15: upload to YouTube, Vimeo, or another online video hosting service. We will be using those uploaded videos for initial review, and as the distribution route for any judging panel. 
      Please set the videos to be shared privately until after the festival.
    2. By April 30:  A high-resolution version must be provided to us to use in the on-site screenings. Details and file format information will be provided to you.
  4. Please provide a cast and credits list for your entry, so that accolades may reach the appropriate parties. Be sure to credit the creators of the costumes!
  5. Please indicate whether you are a film or video professional. If the costumers/cast in your video have competed in stage masquerade contests, please also indicate at what skill level they compete. (This latter part is for information only).

Judging and awards

  1. If we receive more than 5 qualified submissions, we will assemble a judging panel to select awards.  We may also have a ballot for CC28 attendees to select their favorite submission.
  2. Documentation about your entry is not required, but, if you wish to provide it, it will be reviewed by the Judging Panel.
  3. The only skill divisions in the event of judging will be between Amateurs and Professionals. A Professional is someone that works in Film or Television and, therefore, has access to a better quality of editing equipment. Ron Howard and Mike Nesmith would both be considered Professionals.
  4. In the event of formal judging, entries will be judged on several different criteria. These include, but are not limited to, Overall Presentation, Costume Quality, Location/Set Quality and/or Uniqueness, and Technical Merits. The original idea was to do a masquerade entry that can not normally be presented in a hotel situation. Such as a huge quantity of people in the entry, special prop requirements, such as horses, fire effects, or truly unique settings that can not be quickly placed on a stage. As an example of what could be done in a Video Masquerade Entry, check out



Kevin Roche and Andrew Trembley, Directors

Costume-Con 28 Video Masquerade Film Festival


GBACG Bazaar this Saturday in Albany!

Are you looking for some great new or used costume items?

Do you need a new hat, gloves, fabric, or a finished outfit?

Do you want to learn some new tips and tricks?

Do you want to be where other people know your name and understand your fascination with costume?

If the answer to any of the above is “yes”, you MUST join us at the

GBACG Bazaar on Saturday, August 29th!!

Come and shop for your next great set of gloves, or a hat, or a whole dress. Meet and chat with other fabulous costumers. Oh, and learn a sewing trick or two from our very own guild members.   This will be a fun event to please tell your friends!

Costume: Costumes are not required but are always admired!

Menu: Light refreshments will be served.

Tickets: This event is free to members and only $5 for non-members at the door. This is a great event to bring new costuming friends. 

Location:1249 Marin Ave., Albany, CA 94706
Our venue this year is the lovely and newly remodeled Albany Community Center. Parking is free but limited, so please try to carpool. The closest BART station is El Cerrito Plaza. It is approximately a 7 block walk from BART to the Albany Community Center.

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Costume College - GBACG meetup Fri. 8pm

Are you going to Costume College? Are you a GBACG member, a northern California costumer, or would you just like to hang out us?

EVERYONE is invited to join the Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild for a meetup at Costume College:


This should give you time to go have dinner and do some shopping in the dealer's room first.

Everyone buys their own drinks.

Costumes are entirely optional - come in your comfy street wear, or dress up fancy so we can point and say, "ooooooooo!"

Hope to see you all there!
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Costume Academy 2009!

The Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild presents Costume Academy 2009!
Saturday March 7th

Here's how it works: There are fifteen classes offered, at least five classes in each time slot, three time slots. Each student chooses one class from the five topics in each time slot, or one of our special double period classes.  Classes fill up first come, first served, so the sooner you sign up the better chance you have of getting the classes you want.

You can see all the details, including which classes are on offer, on our website.

Tickets: advance purchase required, and we will sell out so purchase soon to get a ticket (and get the classes you want!).  The cost for members of GBACG is $50.00. For non-members the cost is $60.00.

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Join us at the Open House!

*It's time for our annual Open House!!*

--a time to get together, talk costumes, enter the raffle, eat cake, and learn about our upcoming events for 2009!

You may see all the details here:

To RSVP, please e-mail There is no cost to Members and non-members pay a nominal $5 (refundable if they sign up for a membership at the event). This is a great event to bring friends who may be interesting in costuming but don't know where to start!

And again this year we have a *membership to Costume College* in the raffle along with yearly memberships to the GBACG and other lovely items like fabric, books, clothing, bits, and bobs. To donate raffle item, please e-mail Sally at

Hope to see you there!
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GBACG Open House - Fashion Show Models Needed!

Have you made a costume for a GBACG event that you'd like to show off? This year, the GBACG Open House fashion show will feature our members wearing their creations made for GBACG events!

We're looking for all eras, men or women, children or adults, groups are fine (in fact, we may group you with other models). It can be a costume you made specifically for a GBACG event, or a costume that you made for something else but also wore to a GBACG event.

The costume must have been made by a GBACG member, and while of course it can include purchased items, we're looking for costumes that have been made rather than completely-vintage/purchased outfits. The model must also be a GBACG member, although they don't have to be the maker of the costume!

If you are interested in participating, please email with the following information::
- Name
- Name of the person who made the costume, if not yourself
- Name of the person who will model the costume, if not yourself
- Ages of all these people (adult/child)
- If you'd like to be in a group with other people (say, a family group, or 3 of you made dresses for the same event and want to be together),
let us know (note: we may need to regroup you)
- Which GBACG event did you make the costume for (or wear it to)?
- Briefly describe the costume (we'll get more info from you later)
- Photograph of you or your model wearing the costume (attach to the email)

Please note, due to time restrictions we may not be able to include everyone who volunteers.

Let's show off what GBACG members can do!

For more information about the GBACG Open House, see our website.
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The 2009 GBACG calendar has been posted to our website.  Here's what we're doing this year:

GBACG Open House (learn about the guild and hear about plans for this year) - Saturday, Jan 31
Tudor Family Reunion (Tudor era event) - Saturday, February 21
Costume Academy (workshop) - Saturday, March 7
Costume Salon: Steampunk (social/sewing circle) - Sunday, March 15
Sky Viewing at the Observatory (steampunk event) - Saturday, April 18
Costume Salon: Bustle Era (social/sewing circle) - Sunday, May 17
Mrs. Darcy's High Tea (regency era event) - Sunday, June 14
Bustles at the Beach (1870s-80s event) - Saturday, July 11
Costume Salon: Fairies (social/sewing circle) - Sunday, July 26
GBACG Member Appreciation Sell & Learn (costumers flea market and more) - Saturday, August 22
Costume Salon: Dickens Fair (social/sewing circle) - Sunday, September 20
Seelie & Unseelie Fairy Court Gathering (fairy event) - Saturday, September 26
Dark Shadows Picnic (1960s vampire TV show, wear vampire costumes or any era) - Saturday, October 17
GBACG Goes to Dickens (meetup at Victorian era Dickens Fair) - Sunday, December 12

For more information on any of these activities, see our calendar.