Kendra (demode) wrote in gbacg,

Costume Academy 2009!

The Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild presents Costume Academy 2009!
Saturday March 7th

Here's how it works: There are fifteen classes offered, at least five classes in each time slot, three time slots. Each student chooses one class from the five topics in each time slot, or one of our special double period classes.  Classes fill up first come, first served, so the sooner you sign up the better chance you have of getting the classes you want.

You can see all the details, including which classes are on offer, on our website.

Tickets: advance purchase required, and we will sell out so purchase soon to get a ticket (and get the classes you want!).  The cost for members of GBACG is $50.00. For non-members the cost is $60.00.

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